Effect of Government Shutdown on Federal Court Cases in Brooklyn


The Brooklyn Daily Eagle had an article touching on the government shutdown and how Brooklyn is preparing for this. One concern is the federal court cases in session and what will be done with them. Currently, it is thought that the criminal litigation in federal courts in Brooklyn will continue without interruption due to the importance of these matters. Criminal cases affect the safety of individuals and in order to keep up protection, this litigation must be continued regardless of the shutdown. At the same time, civil litigation does not require the same type of immediate attention. Due to this, civil litigation in Brooklyn federal courts may be limited when possible during the shutdown. If you have questions about the government shutdown or the effect that it may have on the justice system, feel free to contact The Law Offices of Michael Mullen.

Attorney Michael Mullen from our firm was quoted in the newspaper article regarding the government shutdown. As a private practitioner, he stated that he believes the federal courts in Brooklyn will remain open without much interruption. To add to that, he touched on the fact that most cases within the federal court takes around one year or longer and the shutdown of the government for a week should not affect cases too severely. In closing, Attorney Mullen stated that this is a waiting game to see the effect that the government shutdown will have. With hopes that the impact will not be severe, it is a 'wait and see what happens' type of matter. If you have further questions, contact Attorney Mullen at The Law Offices of Michael Mullen.

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