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What Are White Collar Crimes?

The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) defines white-collar crimes as the lying, cheating, and stealing of those in business or government. White-collar crimes typically are committed toward a business but can destroy the lives of many individuals. Investors and their families can face disastrous consequences.

White collar crimes are often difficult to define, but some of the most common ones that our firm handles involve:

White-collar crimes are often treated similarly to federal crimes, even though not all white-collar crimes are federal crimes. Deceit, rather than violence, is the primary focus of white-collar crimes. Penalties for such crimes can be very severe because of the damage it enacts on victims' personal lives. Contact a Brooklyn criminal attorney to help fight your white-collar crime charges.

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Street Crime vs. White Collar Crime

Street Crimes: You may be wondering what the differences between street crimes and white collar crimes are. When most people think of criminal activity, they think of street crimes, such as burglary or assault. Another term for street crimes is blue-collar crimes. This type of criminal act is generally committed against another person or property.

White Collar Crimes: White-collar crimes are not visible to the public and are often financially motivated and non-violent in nature. They include elaborate strategies such as fraud, cybercrimes, scams, and identity theft. This type of criminal activity can often include many individuals or corporations. One key factor in white collar crimes is an element of deceit or violation of trust.

Is White Collar Crime More Serious Than Street Crime?

  • Street crimes are any criminal offense that typically takes place or originates in a public place
  • Some types are violent, and some are non-violent. For example, crimes against persons are all crimes involving bodily harm, the threat of bodily harm, or other actions committed against the will of the victim, such as Assault, battery, sexual assault, homicide, domestic violence, and robbery are crimes against persons.
  • White collar crimes are more serious than street crimes because they can cost investors billions in investments, ruin economies, and even ruin families.
  • White Collar crimes can affect more people because they can cost investors billions of dollars, ruin economies, affect much more lives negatively, and more.
  • In the long run, white-collar crimes are much worse than street crimes.

What are the Penalties For White Collar Crimes in New York?

Penalties for white-collar crimes can be life-changing and are very severe. If you are facing an arrest or are under investigation for a white-collar crime, it is important to take action as soon as possible. Dealing with the law can be very difficult and frightening, and our firm is here to help! Mistakes can result in charges that you should not have had to face but ones that are very difficult to overcome. Common consequences of white-collar crimes include:

  • Fines
  • Home detention
  • Paying the cost of the prosecution
  • Restitution
  • Imprisonment

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