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Immigration Fraud

Immigration Fraud

Are You Under Investigation for Immigration Fraud?

The United States government has serious rules and regulations for immigrants. Immigration fraud laws are very complex and constantly changing, which makes it difficult for individuals to defend against immigration fraud charges. If you have been charged with immigration fraud, it is important to obtain aggressive defense from an experienced Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer at our firm!

Immigration fraud charges take place to aliens and others who take efforts to avoid the immigration requirements. Deceit, lying and false representation are common components of immigration fraud. A misrepresentation of information and failure to disclose required information are two common types of immigration fraud that can result in heavy penalties.

Two basic categories comprise immigration fraud include:

  • Document fraud
  • Benefit application fraud

Serious penalties may await those who have been charged with immigration fraud, no matter what specific offense has been charged. Immigration document fraud occurs when an individual forces a document of immigration to satisfy their application requirements. Immigration benefits fraud takes place when an undocumented alien enacts fraudulent methods to obtain benefits from the government.

Potential Consequences Include Deportation

Those who are found guilty of immigration fraud will suffer severe legal consequences. No matter what your immigration status is, you can suffer heavy fines, state or federal prison incarceration, as well as immediate deportation. Depending on the circumstances, this offense can be considered a felony. Those with concerns related to their charge of immigration fraud should take action and speak with our criminal attorney at The Law Offices of Michael Mullen.

Our founding attorney has successfully defended those who are charged with all sorts of fraud, including immigration fraud. He has valuable experience that was developed as a former prosecutor and trial attorney who worked on behalf of insurance companies. We understand the charges you are facing and how to effectively combat them.

If you have been accused of immigration fraud, our firm can assist you with your immigration claim. Contact us today for the defense you need!

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