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Defending Against Securities Fraud Charges in New York

Securities fraud takes place when investing or trading laws are violated. It is often described as a deceptive practice in the stock market. Securities fraud commonly occurs after investors are tempted to purchase securities based on false statements given by the business or corporate executive. Financial professionals can be charged with securities fraud if they entice their clients to invest in a risky venture which will devalue their assets. It can also be considered securities fraud if the action takes place without the client's knowledge. If you are charged with securities fraud, it is important to speak with a Brooklyn white collar crime lawyer from our firm.

At The Law Offices of Michael Mullen, we are proud to represent individuals throughout the state of New York. Individuals most likely to get charged with securities fraud include:

  • Corporate executives
  • Business executives
  • Investment brokers
  • Investment club organizers

Securities fraud is classified as a white collar crime and can result in heavy penalties because of the crimes' potential to substantially damage the victim's life. Obtain help from the top criminal attorney in Brooklyn for your case. Our firm has successfully defended individuals throughout a variety of fraud cases and we can use this experience to help you defend your case. Additionally, our founding attorney has extensive trial experience working on behalf of insurance companies.

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If you are convicted of securities fraud as a corporate executive, you can lose your job. The United States government has the necessary tools to fully investigate your case and develop substantial evidence against you. Our firm's Brooklyn securities fraud lawyer can work on your behalf to contest the charges against you. We can discuss your available options and help you understand what can be done to protect your interests.

By securing aggressive and attentive legal assistance, you can effectively defend your securities fraud allegations. 

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