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If you are facing charges of manslaughter, it is essential to find out what can be done to protect your rights and help you through this legal battle. Penalties for the offense of manslaughter are severe and can damage your future. Manslaughter can be classified in a variety of ways, and each specific offense will carry unique penalties and consequences.

You need to take the first step to your defense by speaking with a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney from our firm. The prosecution will be taking action to ensure that you are convicted and suffer the consequences of the offense. Therefore, you must take action of your own to secure an aggressive defense from The Law Offices of Michael Mullen.

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What is Manslaughter in New York?

If a human is killed by another, New York State considers this a very serious offense. Manslaughter is the intentional killing of another individual without having premeditated the action. It is different from murder, but the penalties are still severe. Malicious intention is the primary difference between murder and manslaughter. In some cases, manslaughter is voluntary when the actions were committed with the intent to kill. Manslaughter can also be involuntary, however. If you have been arrested or are facing manslaughter charges, attentive legal counsel is available from our Brooklyn manslaughter attorney.

Penalties for Second-Degree Manslaughter in NY

  • Second Degree Manslaughter is when a person continuously and knowingly acts recklessly, which leads to someone’s death.
  • Aggravated second-degree manslaughter can be charged if the death of a law enforcement official or peace officer is caused by the perpetrator's reckless behavior.
  • Second-degree manslaughter is a class C felony that can lead to 1 - 15 years in prison.
  • Usually, people accused of second-degree murder try to have their charges dropped to the lower class C felony.

What Is a Criminally Negligent Homicide in New York?

Criminally negligent homicide in New York is when a person causes the death of a human being in a way that was careless, reckless, or inattentive. This means an individual accused of a crime didn’t mean to kill the alleged victim. A person can be accused of criminally negligent homicide if they fail to act. Their failure to act, such as the failure to provide care for someone, results in the death of that person, is also negligent homicide. An example of this would be a hit and run and your failing to call the paramedics, which leads to their death.

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