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Money Laundering

Money Laundering Charges in Brooklyn

Have You Been Accused of Money Laundering?

Money laundering is the act of obtaining money through unlawful activities. It usually involves drug crimes or illegal trades. Financial transactions associated with money laundering are often highly complex for the purpose of concealing its origin. Money laundering is typically tried at the federal level and can therefore result in heavy penalties. You can face an extensive incarceration, massive fines and a permanent criminal record. If you or someone you care about has been charged with money laundering, please do not hesitate to speak with a Brooklyn criminal defense attorney from our firm.

In the face of money laundering charges, one simple charge is often enough for the prosecution to prove you guilty. Federal prosecutors investigate the white collar crime of money laundering with full aggression for the purpose of convicting the defendant. The prosecution assigned to your case likely has an unlimited supply of resources and tools that can be used to perform a full investigation. In these types of cases, the federal government has likely been gathering evidence against you even before you were formally charged.

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If you are interested in protecting your rights and ensuring that you obtain the best available option, it is important to speak with our firm at once. A conviction can result in life changing consequences because of the nature of the charge. Concealing the identity, source or destination of illegally obtained money is an illegal offense that can mark you as a "criminal." Seek help from an experienced defense lawyer in Brooklyn.

At The Law Offices of Michael Mullen, we can help you defend against your charges. Possible defenses that can be used include an absence of intent to commit the alleged crime, duress, and insufficient evidence. 

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