Husband Kidnapping in Brooklyn

An Orthodox Rabbi who is accused of kidnapping husbands for a hefty fee has been charged by the State's attorney. There are several defendants in the case, including another Rabbi, and a "kidnap team." The lead prosecutor in the case has described what occurred in court, claiming that the kidnappers beat up victims, tied them up, and gave them electrical shocks with tasers and stun guns until the husbands agreed to the demands imposed.

Kidnapping is a very serious offense, and this case is one of the most shocking to hit the news in some time. The questions surrounds whether the defendants were engaged in the activity for religious reasons, or for financial gain. When religious beliefs are involved in a criminal case, it can become far more complex, as under the constitution, these are rights that are protected. Overstepping the bounds of the law is still not tolerated, once law enforcement gets involved. For an Orthodox Jew to get divorced, the husband must provide permission, and some husbands will not provide this consent, and the actions of the Rabbis and the team are alleged to have surrounded this religious issue.

Any person charged with kidnapping, if convicted, could spend years in state prison. The facts involved in any bodily injury can add time to a sentence. If you are accused of this crime, the first action to take is to seek high quality defense counsel that is personally committed to fighting for you, and is ready to work long hours in developing a case for the defense. At The Law Offices of Michael Mullen, you can expect professionalism, a deep understanding of criminal law, and personal dedication. Mr. Mullen is a former Assistant District Attorney and has seen it all – from both sides.

Call upon the firm if you or someone you love has been accused of kidnapping. The quality of your defense counsel is extremely important when felony charges are pending.

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