Success in a Class A-1 Felony Drug Case

The Law Offices of Michael Mullen recently took on a case for a client facing severe drug crime charges. The alleged offense was for making drug sales to an undercover police officer 13 different times. Our client was facing multiple Class B felony charges for these offenses. On top of that, our client was indicted on one Class A-1 felony and two class A-2 felonies. The penalties for these types of charges are strict. For a first offense A-1, an offender is facing between eight and 20 years in prison & up to 5 years post release supervision following the release. Our client was facing one of these felony charges and also two class A-2 felonies. A first offense A-2 felony is punishable by between three and 10 years in prison along with 5 years post release supervision after being released. The Class B felony charges that our client was facing could have resulted in anywhere from one to nine years in prison each.

Our client was represented by another firm in the beginning of the case and the offer on the table was four years in prison when we took over the case. Michael Mullen was able to build a solid case on behalf of our client. After our negotiations were complete, our client was sentenced to six months of incarceration. Our firm was able to avoid the years in prison that our client was facing along with the supervision period following the release. If you have been charged with any type of drug charge in New York, contact The Law Offices of Michael Mullen right away. We may be able to help you fight against your charges and reach a favorable end result like in this case. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation!

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